Here is a sample of typical Key Performance Indicators that work well and get early results in the real estate industry, however our work together is not limited to these KPIs.

Client Communication Targets

As a successful selling agent you need to be having 120 quality conversations with prospects every week. It is a numbers game. You know that, of 120 conversations there will be a percentage that are interested; of those a smaller percentage will want an appraisal and then an even smaller percentage will actually list the property for sale. This needs to occur to lay the foundation for future sales. The information gathered needs to be put into a database that makes sense.

Feedback Ratings

Online and physical case studies. These build credibility in the market place and can allow you to build relationships with potential clients. This allows a client to experience you in a non-threatening and simple way. Every agent needs to ensure they are well-rated online and have online currency.

Listing Targets

Getting stock and quality stock is always a challenge. Each agent needs to have a target set listings as they can only sell what they list. If they don’t list many properties they can’t sell many so let’s look at the lead indicator (listings) not the lag (sales).

Networking and Marketing

An agent needs to be surrounded by others in the industry with whom they can bounce stuff around. These people or businesses should also act as potential referrers. Personal marketing will assist in building your personal brand, provide fodder for referrals and allow you to build more prospects.

Perth’s Hub Residential real estate case study

The Hub Honeypot: business by design

The formation of Hub Residential was no flash in the pan. Their view is that real estate is changing and, like so many industries, they needed to change with it by creating a business with better resources and resilience.
The concept of Hub Residential had been brewing behind the scenes for years. Principals Jamie Harrington and Mark Anderson recognised they could deliver a substantially more powerful suite of services collectively, not singularly as they had operated in the past. Based in Perth’s western suburbs, Hub will be a melting pot for the best industry professionals.

With 18 years’ experience as a Real Estate Agent, in 2018 Jamie merged his own business to create a better, progressive, no-nonsense business and is now the Licensee and co-principal of Hub Residential, his third real estate agency. Keep reading>

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