Being a great sales rep is not the only prerequisite for running a successful real estate agency

The Australian real estate sector is rife with disruption right now. Why?

Let’s face it – labour is too high in property management, it’s difficult getting good rental and sales listings, and online agencies are grabbing marketshare at a fraction of the price and cluttering the market, all which cannot be ignored.

Is the performance of your real estate business suffering due to a lack of financial insight?

Could your real estate agency be more successful with better understanding of your financials and how to improve them?

What if we could help you turn the tables?

Our proposition is that, by getting you focused on business performance as well as growing your personal wealth position, we can help guide you to being a more successful real estate operator.

How real estate professionals work with Omnis Group

We help make real estate operators accountable for their success, guided expertly by the Omnis Group team. At our disposal we have a number of technology tools to automate much of the legwork, which frees us up to look critically at your business performance and advise accordingly.

If you are an Owner, Principal, Shareholder or Director of an Australian real estate business with 8+ full time equivalent (FTE) employees, you are in prime position to work with Omnis Group Real Estate’s business accountants, whether or not your business is located in Perth.

1. Appraisal

This is the getting started stage. We need to understand where you are at and what the opportunities are. We will review past financial performance, budgets or projections, personal spending habits, Net Asset Positions (groupwide) and identify your goals. All debt funding and financial planning will also be reviewed at this point. We then formally report back to you in our second meeting presentation, approximately one week after conducting our due diligence.

2. Dressing the Group

AKA filling all of the holes! We make sure you have everything you need in terms of preparing budgets (targeting performance), renegotiating finance and putting in place an individual wealth creation or financial plan (targeting net asset positions).

3. Performance Monitoring & Management

This is where the rubber hits the road. We monitor and manage your business performance, continually referring back to your goals outlined in Step 1 throughout our engagement. You receive meaningful monthly management reports tracking key numbers, along with our Executive Summary and consultation on a level that suits you. Each quarterly we hold a management meeting and review your position, looking at overall performance to ensure it’s tracking in the right direction so we can adjust goals if needed. You also have the option to schedule Financial Planning and finance meetings with our in-house advisers.

Perth real estate agency's start-up success

Born of a passion for real estate, with a strong focus on delivering high-quality service and results for all their clients, the team at Bernadè Helman has a goal to deliver a real estate experience far exceeding most client expectations.

Following a successful career as a consultant and project manager in the IT industry, Director Ivan Helman decided to turn his passion for real estate into a full-time career. He has gone on to become a dominant agent in Perth’s Western Suburbs and has won industry acclaim including recognition in the REIWA top sales agents awards.

Initially starting as a real estate sales rep in 2009 and then going on to set up his own agency in 2014, Ivan had the presence of mind to carry out due diligence before he hung out his shingle.

“I wanted to create an Agency that delivered a fantastic Property Management service, as I had not seen this done well in my prior experiences in the industry,” says Ivan. “I could see we needed a consistent approach, the right processes and a care factor across the whole team.” Keep reading >


Glen McLeod

We have created a business that is different culturally in how we organise ourselves, which marries with Justin’s services and makes for greater efficiency. We can adopt Justin’s recommendations very quickly in a way that you can’t in a large firm. We’re using technology more than most in our profession – with Justin’s advice we continually explore ways to improve our business and invest in key areas. Strategic advice is good for our business to monitor and track where we’re heading. Justin can be frankly honest if you’re not performing which is a good thing. You need people to tell you the way it is. From my experience, I would definitely recommend Justin and Omnis Group. Justin is well supported by a network of other professionals so he thinks laterally about how his services can be provided to assist us and takes the trouble to really understand our business. Read more

Charlie Ball

Our company manages approximately 30 employees and contractors in a range of roles. We spend time researching and choosing those whom best meet our requirements of both trustworthy and reliable service to our business. A few earn our complete respect. Omnis Group is definitely one of them. Omnis Group oversees a range of responsibilities including cash flow control and general financial management. I also regularly discuss day to day matters with Justin and “bounce around ideas”. During our years working with Omnis Group our business has strengthened financially and I feel relaxed knowing they are involved with our fiscal control. Justin and his team are a talented and trustworthy company and have our highest recommendation.

Justin Flavel

Justin supports real estate agents with an understanding of the industry to provide business insight and education to individual members.He helps make real estate operators accountable for their financial success.

Guided expertly by the Omnis Group team, Justin has a number of technology tools to automate much of the financial legwork, which allows him to critically review your business performance and advise accordingly.

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